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Resistance Is Futile by Royal Ghost

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 Image(s) Resistance Is Futile - submitted 2007-01-15 | 3 vote(s) | 10269 view(s)
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 Artist Royal Ghost (RGhost)
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 Style 3D
 Category Personnage
 Software(s) Photoshop 3dsmax MentalRay
 Information(s) It's my character Veda. The most important for me was to create beautiful woman face. I hope you will like this my result. :)
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Visitor(s) comment(s)

Benoît Saint-Moulin
Fondateur TDT - 3D

Published on 16-01-2007 à 03:15:02

Hello and Welcome to TDT3D.

About your picture I like the small details on the skin and around the mouth !

I don't know your goal, so I think lighting must be reviewed to get more realistic...

In case off that's very good work, continue !

Indépendant - Imagerie 2D

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Published on 16-01-2007 à 06:06:40

Welcome GhostRghost,
Beautifull piece, I really like the light come from the left part of her face. Tattoo is good too.
I went to your website and really good website. Thanks for the anatomy book :
I will come back soon cause I have to study it more.
Hope to see more of your talentous work here.

Indépendant - Imagerie 3D

This member got some Awards !

Published on 16-01-2007 à 15:11:45

it's a beautiful picture, but i prefer the moto on your web site

Royal Ghost
Sans emploi - Imagerie 3D
Russian Federation

This member got some Awards !

Published on 16-01-2007 à 21:46:16

Thanx very much for your comments and warm attitude. I'm planing to publish my future works on this site   

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