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 Maya to WireFusion

Written by Benoît Saint-Moulin
Date : 2006-10-13 10:04:00


Welcome to Autodesk Maya to Demicron Wirefusion 3D guide


If you are familiar with Maya and want working with Wirefusion this Maya 3D guide is for you, you can also use it to understand basic work into Maya ;)


About Maya :
Autodesk Maya is the most used DCC applications from films to games industries around the world, it's a master choice 3D application to work with Wirefusion.


About Wirefusion :
Demicron wirefusion is one of the leading contents and 3D real time authoring tools for the web, Wirefusion is a perfect Maya companion to show and display your 3D work from Internet to in house 3D applications.


About autor :
Author of this guide Benoît Saint-Moulin is from 3D and web industries background since 10 years, Benoît is one of the pionneer of 3D real time contents creations for Internet and CD ROM, now Benoît as freelance is working to bring his knowledge in 3D industries technicals solutions, mastering wirefusion & real time into CG college and be the founder www.tdt3d.com where you can exchange your wirefusion tips & tricks or speacking about real time.


Content of this 3D guide :

Lesson 1 - Maya Basic setup scenes for wirefusion
Lesson 2 - Installing plug-ins
Lesson 3 - Texturing and material for Wirefusion
Lesson 4 - Converting textures to baked material with maya software render
Lesson 5 - Converting textures to baked material with maya mentalray render
Lesson 6 - Exporting VRML2
Lesson 7 - Exporting X3D (VRML 97)

For this guide lessons we are working with Autodesk Maya 7.0 but you can achieve this with Maya 5.0, 6.0, 6.5 also.

To be sure you can working with Maya and Wirefusion you must check out if you can baking textures with your Maya version.

To understand rightly the goal of this guide you must be familliar with Maya and/or 3D applications, Wirefusion and know basic working with.


Lesson 1 – Maya setup basic scenes for WireFusion :

In this guide we working with simple scene like a plane with a cube, this is only to understand the procedure of this way working, after you have fully understand it, you can of courses workign with complex projects.

Ok let's start ;)


Autodesk Maya to Wirefusion


When you have launched maya create a simple plane with a cube and basic light.

Now go to Menu perspective view into Shading and Lighting menu and check options : Smooth shade all, Hardware texturing and Use all lights, this to view textures and light effect into perspective view.


Autodesk Maya


After that's go to Display -> Heads Up Display -> Poly Count


Autodesk Maya polycount


You must now have Maya scene like this :


Autodesk Maya


It's now time to save your work and setup root folders of your projects !

Go into your file explorer and create a folder where you saving you Maya scene, render your textures and exporting VRML2 / X3D model.

If you are not familliar with VRML textures file reference the best is place all you VRML textures model into the same folder of your exported project.

Why setup root folder ? When working with Maya, all data is saved in default root folder, so for working fine with VRML model the best is place all data into the same folder.

Create a folder on your Desktop called My_project and save your Maya file into this folder


Autodesk Maya save root folder


After your project is right saved into My_project folder go to File -> Project -> Set...


Autodesk Maya project set



And select the My_project folder


Autodesk Maya project folder


You have now finished to setup your scene into Maya (part 1 of 7) you can go next lesson (part 2 of 7).


BSM3D free 3D applications export to Demicron Wirefusion


Web sites:

Autodesk : Editor of 3ds max and Maya softwares
3DVF : French online webshop & reseller of Autodesk 3ds max and Maya

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Copyrights :

All datas, screen captures, pictures, trademarks, logos,...is copyrighted by their respective owners.

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