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Interview with Tim Borgamnn

Interview with Tim Borgamnn

Makingof Escalator

Makingof Escalator by Lionel Verlinden - Autodesk 3ds max

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Interview with SideFX / Houdini

Makingof Fuchsia

Makingof Fuchsia by Serge Birault

Makingof Spider

Makingof Spider by Adrien Lambert - Autodesk 3ds max

 TDT3D & Anima Short Films 2011

Written by TDT3D
Date : 2010-12-01 00:00:00


TDT3D and Anima : short films contest 2011

Réglement en Français    English rules



TDT3D & Anima : Short Films contest 2011  !

This contest is organized by TDT3D and Belgian Anima Animation Festival to promote the best talent and achievements short film around the theme of your choice, enjoy! The best short films will be show at the meeting during the Open Screen Anima Festival 2011! *

* Depending on the quality of short films!

:: Participate :

You must make a short film with the theme of your choice, regardless of the techniques used :

  • You must publish your Work In Progress Forum Contest
  • The project must be done by one person or a small team (not allowed to companies or studios)
  • Your project should never have been published before in other competitions or media!
  • Your project can not be for commercial purposes!

:: To be qualified :

  • You must publish your WIP of advancement in the Contest forum and follow the contest rules
  • Only one people must be responsible for the project if it's a team based project
  • Your name and need your source (s) must be printed clearly in the credits of your short film
  • You must be careful to have all the rights of use and publication of your project
  • The maximum duration of your short film, including credits will be + - 1 minute 30 seconds
  • The video format must be 16:9 25 fps Quicktime H.264 compressed and high quality (good enough for theatrical release)
  • Your project must be of sufficient quality to be released in theaters and on the big screen!


:: Delivery of your image or project :

You must submit your project via a downloadable link before March 1, 2011 at midnight:

  • You should send by email: helloworld[@]tdt3d[.]com a link to download your short film in a ZIP archive : title_firstname_secondname.zip
  • A readme.txt file with the project design, complete your details and source / copyright must be included in the archive


TDT3D contest - discuss about the contest on the forum


TDT3D et Anima : concours de court métrages  2011  !

Ce concours est organisé par TDT3D et le festival d'animation Belge Anima afin de promouvoir les meilleurs talents et réalisations autour du thème de votre choix, faites vous plaisir ! Les meilleurs court métrages seront diffusé lors de la séance Open Screen durant le Festival Anima 2011 ! *

* En fonction de la qualité des court métrages !

:: Pour participer :

Vous devez réaliser un court métrage avec le thème de votre choix, peu importe les techniques utilisées :

  • Vous devez publier vos Work In Progress dans le forum du concours
  • Le projet doit-être réalisé par une seule personne ou en petite équipe (pas d'entrerprises ou studios)
  • Votre projet ne doit jamais avoir été publiée auparavant dans d'autres concours ou médias !
  • Votre projet ne peut-être à but commercial !

:: Pour être qualifié :

  • Vous devez publier vos étapes d'avancements dans le forum du concours et respecter le réglement du concours
  • Une seule personne doit représenter le projet si il s'agit d'un travail d'équipe
  • Votre nom et au besoin vos source(s) doivent apparaîtrent clairement dans le générique de votre court métrage
  • Vous devez veillé à posséder tous les droits d'utilisation et publication de votre projet
  • La durée maximum de votre court métrage, générique compris sera de +- 1 minute 30 secondes
  • Le format vidéo doit-être 16:9 25 images/s et compressée en Quicktime H.264 haute qualité (suffisante pour être diffusable en salle)
  • Votre projet devra être de qualitié suffisante pour être diffusé en salle et sur grand écran !

:: Remise de votre projet :

La remise se fera via une archive en téléchargement avant le 01 Mars 2011 à Minuit :

  • Vous devrez envoyez par email : helloworld[@]tdt3d[.]com un lien pour télécharger votre court métrage qui sera dans une archive ZIP : titre_votre_nom_prénom.zip
  • Un fichier readme.txt avec le descriptif du projet, vos coordonées complètes et sources / copyright devra être intégré à l'archive

TDT3D concours - discutez sur le forum

:: Sponsors  :


3D World
3DWorld is the world most know and respected 3D artists magazine !
Anima the International and respected Animation Film Festival held in Belgium, Brussels !
e-onsoftware vue
Vue offers professional 2D&3D CG artists a complete toolset for creating exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments and rendering!
Luxology Modo
Modo delivers the next evolution of 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated, affordable and accelerated package!
Side effects Houdini
Houdini is the world most powerfull Computer Graphics toolset for visual effects artists!
TVPaint Animation
TVP Animation is the leading paperless drawing and animation tool, able to imitate traditional techniques!

:: Prizes :

Here is the prizes offered by our sponsors to the winners of this contest !


  • 3Dworld one year subscription
  • Anima open screen projection
  • e-onsoftware Vue Infinite
  • Luxology Modo
  • Side effects Houdini Escape
  • TDT3D 1 year premium membership
  • TVPaint Animation standard
  • 3Dworld one year subscription
  • Anima open screen projection
  • e-onsoftware Vue Complete
  • Luxology Modo
  • TDT3D 1 year premium membership
  • TVPaint Animation standard
  • 3Dworld one year subscription
  • Anima open screen projection
  • e-onsoftware Vue Complete
  • Luxology Modo
  • TDT3D 1 year premium membership

Note : if it's a team based project, all the prizes will be send to the project responsible !


:: Jury staff :

  • Adrien Lourdelle - VFX
  • Benoit Hupe - Animator and Illustrator
  • Benoît Saint-Moulin - Contest promoter and 3D specialist
  • Carole Demasy - Arch.viz
  • Claudio Gallego - Designer
  • Jim Thacker - CG writer
  • Michel Grigorakis - Sounddesign
  • Peyop - Matte painting
  • Philippe Moins - Anima promoter
  • Vincent Claes - 3D Producer

:: Rules :

1 - This contest is open to all TDT3D registered members, without distinction of country.

2 - You can use any kind of software of your choice to create your project (full licences or trial demos allowed).

3 - The projet submitted to this contest must be one of your personal works & creations or  team project,  company are not allowed.

4 - Only one project per artist and per contest, project never been published in any contest before !

5 - Your project must be either an original creation or an interpretation. TDT3D or Anima can't be held responsible for any project submitted! You must have all rights of use and/or copyright of your artwork. You and you only are responsible for your submitted artwork!

6 - Each participant must submit his complete name, a valid address e-mail, his country of residence and the software used for the realization of his project in a text file when he submits his project.

7 - TDT3D team reserves the right to refuse any project that will have been considered innapropriate, not in agreement with the subject, or any other reason. The author will then be warned by e-mail. TDT3D team also reserves the right to place a project off competition because of a failure to oblige to one or more of the rules detailed here or in the event of "except subject".

8 - At any time, a participant and/or winner can be asked for more details and evidence proving that he really is the author of the project (requests for WIP screenshots, files etc.) He will then have to satisfy the request, under penalty of being disqualified definitively of the contest.

9 - The project remains the property of its original author, but he will not have the right to require financial compensation in the event of use of its image by TDT3D, Anima or Sponsors for promotional ends.

10 - The final project must be sent at the very latest on the last day of the contest before midnight. No project will be accepted after midnight of the last day of the contest.

11 - To be qualified, W.I.P . (Work In Progress) must be posted in TDT3D forum WIP area ! This guarantees that this project is really your creation by showing various phases of realization. Bare in mind that all WIP can be watched by TDT3D visitors, members and members of jury.

12 - The prizes offered by our generous sponsors vary according to contests and TDT3D does not exclude the possibility of a contest without prizes/awards. In addition, TDT3D can not in any case be held responsible for the withdrawal of a sponsor at the last moment or non-delivery of a prizes.

13 - The TDT3D team members are authorized to take part in the contests. However, doing so forbids him to be part of the jury. The voters personally commit themselves to remain impartial in their votes and to not give any kind of favor treatment to any participant.

14 - Only one vote by sponsor belonging to the jury and projects will be allowed.

15 - Members of the jury and/or of the company of a jury member cannot take part in this contest.

16 - All registration data will be sent only to our sponsors so they can send you your prizes if you are one of the winners. All of your data, such as your address, email, software used, ... are kept private and in a safe place. Only your name and first name will be displayed on the result page of the contest.

17 - Once the results are published, the participants must claim their prizes in the 45 days following the advertisement of the results. If a winner does not manifest himself during that period, his prize will be either canceled or, if the nature of the prize allows it, divided as equally as possible between the authors of the other winners, plus the author of the highest rated project which was not among the winners.

18 - By submitting a project to this contest, you give permission to TDT3D and to the sponsors of the contest to use the final projects for their own promotional ends.

19 - Sponsors who would like to use the projects submitted to the contest for their own promotional ends should make sure that they have all rights of use and publications.

20 - Good luck !

Making-of Dynamo Making-of Still Life Timbre en réalité augmentée Les outils de plantes 3D ? Comparatif Terragen Vs. Vue

Copyrights :

All datas, screen captures, pictures, trademarks, logos,...is copyrighted by their respective owners.

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