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Interview with Tim Borgamnn

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Makingof Escalator by Lionel Verlinden - Autodesk 3ds max

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 Contest architecture / 3D RT 2007 - winners

Written by TDT3D
Date : 2007-10-22 20:00:00



[English] (Texte en français en dessous)

Here is the winners of the great contest of monumental architecture last and present carried out by the genius of the man!

The goal of this contest is to promote the wonders of the modern and old architecture (historical reconstitutions, Effel Tower, Dubaï artificial islands, the Gard bridge, Petronas Towers, Incas pyramids, Victor Horta's house,...), your project must be based on an existing or has exsting architecture, your are free to add some personnal creativity!

Feel free to speak about this contest on the forum


Voici les gagnants du grand concours d'architecture monumentale passées et présentes réalisées par le génie de l'homme !

Ce concours à pour but de promouvoir les merveilles de l'architecture moderne et anciennes (reconstitutions historique, tour eiffel, les îles artificielle de Dubaï, le pont du Gard, les tours pétronas, les pyramides Incas,La maison Victor Horta,...), votre projet doit être basé sur une architecture existante ou ayant existé, vous êtes libre de lui apporter votre touche créative !

Venez librement discuter de ce concours sur notre forum

A3 Still pictures winners and the prizes offered by ours sponsors !

1st place

Demasy Carole
View WIP

2nd place

Julien Chudik
View WIP

3th place

Thierry maes
View WIP
  • 3DWorld 1 Year Subscription
  • Demicron WireFusion 5 Enterprise
  • Elephorm Adobe Photoshop and Indesign CS 2 training DVD
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 xStream
  • Maxon CINEMA 4D R10 Architecture bundle
  • N-Sided Quidam with LowPoly plugin and one 3D plugin
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Realviz Matchmover SD
  • Realviz ImageModeler
  • Spiral graphics - Genetica 2.5 Pro
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation
  • Vertice Nova 5.9 Standard edition
  • 3DWorld 1 Year Subscription
  • Demicron WireFusion 5 Pro
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 Infinite
  • N-Sided Quidam with one 3D plugin
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Spiral graphics - Genetica 2.5 Standard
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation
  • 3DWorld 1 Year Subscription
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 Pro
  • N-Sided Quidam
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation

3D RT / VR winners and the prizes offered by ours sponsors !

1st place

James Carroll
View WIP

2nd place

Giles Sagot
View WIP

3th place

Anais Debouvrie
View WIP
  • 3DWorld Mag 1 Year Subscription
  • Dassault System Virtools 4
  • Demicron WireFusion 5 Enterprise
  • Elephorm Autodesk 3ds max 8 & 9 Training DVD
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 xStream
  • Newtek Europe LightWave 9.3
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation
  • Spiral graphics - Genetica 2.5 Pro
  • VB2S Subdo Pro
  • Vertice Nova 5.9 Standard edition
  • 3DWorld Mag 1 Year Subscription
  • Demicron WireFusion 5 Pro
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 Infinite
  • Newtek Europe LightWave 9 Tee-shirt
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation
  • Spiral graphics - Genetica 2.5 Standard
  • VB2S Subdo Student
  • 3DWorld Mag 1 Year Subscription
  • e-onsoftware Vue 6 Pro
  • NewTek Europe Bag
  • Pulse Arts 1 GB usb key with 6 first issue include
  • Softimage XSI 6 Foundation
  • VB2S Subdo Student


Company Products prizes offered to the 6 winners !
Trial Download / Website
3dworld mag
3DWorld Subscriptions to the world most know 3D artists paper magazine !
Maxon Cinema4D
Maxon Cinema4D architectural bundle, the most powerfull and accessible Viz solution !
Demicron Wirefusion
WireFusion The world’s most powerful professional real-time Web3D solution !
Elephorm DVD
Elephorm is specialized in the training by the new media on the tools for numerical creation !
e-onsoftware vue
Vue offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments and rendering them in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave and Cinema 4D.
Newtek Lightwave
LightWave is the perfect combination of power, speed and value. Long considered one of the easiest 3D animation systems to learn and use !
N-Sided Quidam
QUIDAM, the all new program for creation and modeling of 3D characters.
PulseArts PDF mag
PulseArts subscriptions to the French numerical magazine 100% PDF with 80 pages dedicated to numerical arts !
Realviz Matchmover and Imagemodeler
REALVIZ MatchMover SD is the professional way to track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences and ImageModeler is an "Object Creator".
Avid Softimage XSI
SOFTIMAGE|XSI is the most advanced 3D animation software for games, film and television.
SpiralGraphics Genetica
Genetica is an innovative node-based seamless texture editor for professional 3D artists. With effect maps, more than 500 finished texture presets of all types !
Vertice Nova
Nova real-time 3D engine allows to display high quality virtual scenes. Simple, easy to use, powerful, based on the latest hardware and software technologies, fully integrated in the most commonly used 3D software !
Dassault Virtools
Virtools 3D real-time solutions, the leading tools to develop exceptional interactive applications for industry and games !
SUBDO is a solution for creating interactive 3D presentations. It is a real time 3D authoring software which retrieves your CAD and DCC projects and brings them to life.

[Jury members and evaluations points]

Evaluations points for Still A3 150 DPI :

  • Overall quality of the project.
  • Originality of the project.
  • Complexity of the modeling.
  • Integration and environment.
  • Quality of lighting and materials.

Evaluations points for 3D VR project :

  • Overall quality of the project.
  • Originality of the project.
  • Quality of Low poly modeling..
  • Texturing and materials.
  • Project interface interactions and FPS.

Jury Members for A3 Still pictures and 3DVR projects :

  • Alkis Roufas - Spiral graphics
  • Benoît Saint-Moulin - TDT3D
  • Cédric Decamps - Creative Digital
  • Christine Dufour - Softimage
  • Claudio 'Naxos' Gallego - freelance artist & teacher @ pole3d
  • David Revoy - Freelance artist - Painting / Illustration
  • Eric Caron - Pulse Arts Mag
  • Goro Fujita - Freelance artist - Painting / 3D animation
  • Jim Thacker - 3DWorld Mag
  • Liz Tjostolvsen - Realviz
  • Matt Riveccie - e-onsoftware
  • Pierre Bretagnole - N-Sided
  • Sébastien Callens - Vertice
  • Sébastien Chevalier - VB2S
  • Stefano de Carolis - Demicron


1 - This contest is open to all, without distinction of country.

2 - You can use any kind of software of your choice to create your project (full licences or trial demos allowed).

3 - The projet submitted to this contest must be one of your personal works & creations; group projects are not allowed.

4 - Only one project per artist and per contest.

5 - Your project must be either an original creation or a reproduction/interpretation of an existing architecture. TDT3D can't be held responsible for any project submitted! You must have all rights of use and/or copyright of your artwork. You and you only are responsible for your submitted artwork!

6 - Each participant must submit his complete name, a valid address e-mail, his country of residence and the software used for the realization of his project in a separate text file when he submits his image.

7 - TDT3D team reserves the right to refuse any project that will have been considered innapropriate, not in agreement with the subject, or any other reason. The author will then be warned by e-mail. TDT3D team also reserves the right to place a project off competition because of a failure to oblige to one or more of the rules detailed here or in the event of "except subject".

8 - At any time, a participant and/or winner can be asked for more details and evidence proving that he really is the author of the project (requests for WIP screenshots, files etc.) He will then have to satisfy the request, under penalty of being disqualified definitively of the contest.

9 - The project remains the property of its original author, but he will not have the right to require financial compensation in the event of use of its image by TDT3D for promotional ends.

10 - The final project must be sent at the very latest on the last day of the contest before midnight, including a separate text file with your first name, second name and email. In case of a reproduction of an existing architecture, the name of the original architect must be added at the bottom of the image. No image will be accepted after midnight of the last day of the contest.

11 - W.I.P . (Work In Progress or works in progress) must be posted in TDT3D forum WIP area. This guarantees that this project is really your creation by showing various phases of realization. Bare in mind that all WIP can be watched by TDT3D visitors, members and members of jury.

12 - The prizes offered by our generous sponsors vary according to contests and TDT3D does not exclude the possibility of a contest without prizes/awards. In addition, TDT3D can not in any case be held responsible for the withdrawal of a sponsor at the last moment or non-delivery of a prizes.

13 - The TDT3D team members are authorized to take part in the contests. However, doing so forbids him to be part of the jury. The voters personally commit themselves to remain impartial in their votes and to not give any kind of favor treatment to any participant.

14 - Only one vote by sponsor belonging to the jury and projects will be allowed.

15 - Members of the jury, of their families and/or of the company of a jury member cannot take part in this contest.

16 - All registration data will be sent only to our sponsors so they can send you your prizes if you are one of the winners. All of your data, such as your address, email, software used, ... are kept private and in a safe place. Only your name and first name will be displayed on the result page of the contest.

17 - Once the results are published, the participants must claim their prizes in the 45 days following the advertisement of the results. If a winner does not manifest himself during that period, his prize will be either canceled or, if the nature of the prize allows it, divided as equally as possible between the authors of the other winning images, plus the author of the highest rated image which was not among the winners.

18 - By submitting a project to this contest, you give permission to TDT3D and to the sponsors of the contest to use the final projects for their own promotional ends.

19 - Sponsors who would like to use the projects submitted to the contest for their own promotional ends should make sure that they have all rights of use and publications. IN NO CASE can TDT3D be held responsible. The name of the artist and of the original author of the architecture depicted can not in any case be erased or hidden.

20 - Good luck !

Making-of Dynamo Making-of Still Life Timbre en réalité augmentée Les outils de plantes 3D ? Comparatif Terragen Vs. Vue

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