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Forums / 3D Realtime / 3D realtime applications discuss
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# Posted: 23 Jan 2009 11:29:25 Edited by: bsm3d


I'm starting this thread to discuss about related softwares for creating 3D realtime contents.

3D realtime is often assimilated with VRML and old Web3D or video games. Today with the power of GPU and new technologies we have very good 3DRT rendering solutions and can use it in many fields of applications (architecture, film, products, automotive, simulations,...) The tomorrow 3D softwares are more and more realtime coming creation contents tools and in a middle futur we can hope have render engine like Mentalray or Vray in (near) realtime!

Can we hope this 3DRT softwares and technologies changing tomorrow CG artists way of work ? Maybe the 3D softwares from tomorrow is more content creations tools like Sandbox.

We don't speak here about real game engine like CryTek or Unreal who is dedicated to one kind of contents like FPS / Navigation. We of course can use it for creating virtual visits but it's two expenssive and closed engine for freelances or small studios).

There is a lots of 3d realtime softwares in two differents flavors (non-exhaustive, feel free to add your softwares):

-> The pure coding, for programmers with engine like :
° leadwerks
° horde3D
° irrlicht
° ogre
° ...

-> The mixed, programming, scripting and nodals like :
° Blender GE
° Nova
° Quest3D
° Shiva
° Unity
° Virtools
° WireFusion
° ...

In the mixed category you can create most of contents with only visual programming (called nodals here) but if you want customised projects, no way you must put your hand into the scripting / coding. Far away from C/C++ or Java guru coders many 3D realtime softwares give you access to own scripting technologies or Python and LUA who is the most used.

After the coding or not point of view, there is a lots of others parameters to consider before jump into a 3D realtime technologies : documentations, prices, royalties, specs, support,... and the life of the technologies !

As there is a lots of 3DRT new emerging softwares, we know many don't have a long life. It's always a wasting time to learn a new technologies and don't know if this is a solid one with robust foundations.

Can you please give us your advice about the engine you use and how you rank it with Pro and cons according the fields of applications you work with.

Please don't be coding hardcore or Nodals fanatics but repsect all point of view. Reply in French or English as you like

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Forums / 3D Realtime / 3D realtime applications discuss
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